Remote Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance 

Your Computer Is Valuable

Let's Protect It From Top To Bottom

Your computer is a tool for many important parts of your day: getting work done, researching, chatting with colleagues, catching up with family and friends, storing photos and documents, trip planning, writing, creating memories, watching videos and relaxing to music. 


Like a car or home, you spend money, focus and energy on your computer.

  • You want your computer to last for years.

  • You want it to operate at top speed and functionality.

  • And you want to get the most out of your hundreds- or thousands-of-dollars investment. 


Your Time Is Valuable

Let Us Give You More Of It


Like cars and homes, computers need to be monitored proactively and repaired immediately if something is wrong. 

Your time is precious--you don’t have extra hours to set update reminders, back up your hard drive, commute to a store and stand in line for a tune up--and you definitely don’t want to be without your computer for several days while it’s being repaired. 


Your Money Is Valuable

Let's Keep More Of It In Your Wallet

CMX Shield, a 24/7 remote computer support service offered by the team behind Computer Mechanix with more than 20 years of experience, is affordable for everyone--from first-time computer owners and casual home users to CEOs and jetsetting influencers anywhere there is internet.

Shield Bronze: FREE

Perfect for: Getting to know remote support options, enjoying remote support at a touch of a button

We invite you to start using CMX Shield absolutely FREE. With Shield Bronze, a lightweight program will be installed to monitor your computer's health.  It will 1) Monitoring your computer for issues and 2) Provide desktop notifications to alert you to an issue so you can quickly request service directly from the app.  You can easily request service without picking up a phone or searching for our email address.

Shield Silver: $88 a year or $8 per month

Perfect for: Sleeping easier while we monitor systems for you

We’ll keep most of your programs up to date automatically, especially those annoying ones like Flash, Java and Adobe Reader. No more waiting to update plugins! Shield Silver will also monitor and alert you and our system if Windows isn't updating properly, if you're running out of space, or your hard drive is failing. It can also alert us if your anti-virus stops working or your firewall becomes disabled due to a virus attack. We’ll communicate the issue and can offer paid remote support to help you resolve it.

Shield Gold: $198 a year or $18 per month

Perfect For: Fast and safe browsing, working and connecting without the fear of computer viruses

Tired of guessing which anti-virus is the best and won’t drive you crazy with notifications? We have the package for you!  Our Gold package is $18.00 a month and includes everything in our Shield Silver package as well as a fully featured award winning Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware program that never expires and never advertises!  We'll also get instant notifications of any harmful viruses that may try to hurt your computer, so it stays secure, and remove any viruses if they arise.

Shield Platinum PLUS: $308 a year or $28 per month

Perfect For: Anyone who doesn’t want to think about maintaining their computer

You need a computer with 0% downtime, and Shield Platinum can help. Being proactive with your computer care is the best investment. Platinum PLUS is our most comprehensive package and includes everything from the other packages, as well as guaranteed virus removal and 4 free tune-ups per year by our experts, via remote for your convenience and safety.  We will also guarantee a virus free computing experience, or we’ll clean it free of charge.  All of this at the touch of a button to request service.

What information can be seen?

We cannot see your personal information.  The information we can see is purely for diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues.  We cannot track or see any of your files.  Examples of information we can see are:

  • Hardware Information (Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Hard Drive)

  • What programs are installed on your computer

  • What programs run at startup

  • Recent malware found by Antivirus

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