ALERT: Your CrashPlan for Home service will be discontinued

Over the past month or so Crashplan customers have been receiving emails like the one below. As soon as I learned of this transition I started trialing new options to recommend and I've made a decision. Read on to learn more.


Thank you for being a CrashPlan® for Home customer. We're honored that you’ve trusted us to protect your data.

We want you to know that we have shifted our business strategy to focus on the enterprise and small business segments. This means that over the next 14 months we will be exiting the consumer market and you must choose another option for data backup before your subscription expires. We are committed to providing you with an easy and efficient transition.


We will honor your existing CrashPlan for Home subscription, keeping your data safe, as always, until your current subscription expires.

To allow you time to transition to a new backup solution, we've extended your subscription (at no cost to you) by 60 days. YOUR CHOICES

Your first step is to consider the options below, available exclusively for CrashPlan for Home customers. Once you make your selection, no further action is required until your new expiration date. We will send you reminders well before your CrashPlan for Home subscription ends.

Computer Mechanix, Inc. has partnered with Backblaze to help you transition from Crashplan. They are aware of the impending closure of your account and if you need technical support or have questions they will be able to help you. Click here to download a trial of the software.

Of course Computer Mechanix will also be here to help where we can. If you'd like us to do all the leg work for your transition give us a call or email to setup an onsite appointment or just drop your computer off at our shop Monday through Friday 12PM to 6PM.

Whether you feel comfortable making the transition yourself or would like us to do it for you click here to see a comparison between Backblaze, Crashplan and two other popular backup solutions.

If you would like help with your transition please give us a call at (828) 281-4379

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