I Have An Exciting Announcement About Computer Mechanix For 2018...

A computer repair shop with experts who would cut straight to the tech issues, fix them, and help customers get back to enjoying their lives.

We vowed never to confuse customers with tech talk or sell them on products they didn’t need.

This commitment and transparency has grown Computer Mechanix over the last 15 years to be a trusted, well-known company in our booming city of Asheville.

As I prepare to enter 2018, I am looking for a business partner to help me take Computer Mechanix into its next phase of growth. Ideally, this business partner is...

  • Transparent and committed to the same values as our company

  • Equipped with a skillset that complements my own (examples: business development, marketing, retail management, etc.)

  • Excited to step into an already-established business that has a vision

Does this sound like you? If you’re genuinely interested, let’s talk.

Here are a few industry forecast reasons why I’m excited to take on a business partner at this time:

1. Focusing on more than just computers to maximize growth potential...

While previously the industry had been primarily focused on fixing and upgrading business computers, most of the companies now do more than just maintenance and repair. Disaster recovery, virus protection, storage upgrades, a trade-in program, accessories, and selling/repairing other devices...all this and more make up the daily workflow at Computer Mechanix. 2. Everywhere you turn, an electronic device: As the adoption of the electronic equipment rises, the possibility of product damage is also anticipated to increase, which is consequently expected to fuel the growth of the electronic equipment repair service over the forecast period. 3. Accidents happen on a daily basis. Take Apple and Mac users, for example. Approximately 25 percent of iPhone mobile device users have cracked their screen at one time or another, and around half of U.S. households own at least one Apple product. 4. And people budget for it. In 2014 alone, $23.5 billion was spent in the U.S. on replacement of broken smartphones. A good portion of that sum was spent because of cracked screens, but the screen replacement industry is booming as well. The bottom line: The revenue take-in in the smartphone repair industry is expected to climb by nearly 5 percent per year at least for the next few years and to soon reach to a total of around $1.5 billion, especially in the areas of security upgrades and repairs, refurbished laptop sales, computer accessories, and everything smartphone. Smartphones have many fragile parts and are expensive enough to be worthwhile to repair.

Are you interested in a multi-billion dollar global industry? If you, or someone you know and trust, is interested in this partnership opportunity, contact me and let’s have a conversation. Sincerely, Woody Feffer owner@computermechanix.com (828) 281-4379 - Business

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